EMMA Project

Strenghtening of the European inland waterway transportation in the Baltic Sea Region

K2 Solutions has developed the concept of the Information and Promotion Center of Inland Waterways in Bydgoszcz. Due to the growing interest in inland navigation in Poland, there was a need for more intensive promotion of this mode of transport. As a result of this trend, a Center will be established, which will deal with the effective promotion of inland waterways and multimodal transport. According to the assumptions, it will operate based on a series of promotional activities, but it will also reach the business sector and offer the possibility of shifting cargo from land to water. The Center’s activity will not be typically theoretical, but it should mainly have a practical dimension and contribute to achieving tangible benefits for inland waterway transport and effectively support its development. In addition, by cooperating with scientific units, it will conduct educational activities to increase the awareness of the benefits of the inland navigation.


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The aim of the foundation is to promote regional , national and European economic development. We are focused on implementing innovative solutions in maritime economy, inland navigation, national and European transport systems, environmental protection and other related areas.

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