K2 Solutions is proud to reflect on its contributions to the TRANSwater project, which concluded last year. This transnational initiative addressed pressing water challenges in the Baltic Sea Region’s transitional zones, encompassing tourism hotspots like summer cottages in the Swedish Archipelago, Poland, and Latvia.

With the Baltic Sea Region’s coastal zones grappling with factors like coastal flooding, salinity intrusion, and water management in the face of climate change, the TRANSwater project brought together partners from various countries to devise holistic solutions. As a partner, K2 Solutions worked collaboratively with key stakeholders like UL, GL, CM, TANK, and others, engaging in a series of workshops, research, and on-ground interventions.

UCV, the lead partner, guided the consortium with aplomb, ensuring that the project’s goals were met with innovation and diligence. K2 Solutions was deeply involved in detailed project planning, stakeholder identification, establishing contacts, organizing workshops, and formulating the final project report. Our team’s expertise was instrumental in not only understanding the complex challenges at hand but also in proposing innovative solutions ranging from technological interventions to policy recommendations.

As we look back, we are reminded of the power of collaboration, especially when faced with challenges that transcend borders. K2 Solutions remains committed to such collaborative projects, leveraging our expertise to drive positive change in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond.