K2 team consists of people working for the sustainable development of regional, national and European economies for many years. We cooperate with many experts in hydro technics, hydrology, environmental protection, logistics, maritime transport, inland navigation and energy.

We promote innovative and effective transport system development, including supporting new and green technologies. K2 team cooperate with local and regional authorities, governments, non-governmental organizations and the business sector.

K2 deals with the implementation of research and development tasks in the field of:

  • innovative solutions in transport and port – maritime trade,
  • logistics in land-sea transport,
  • development and promotion of short-sea shipping,
  • intermodal transport, including inland waterway transport,
  • sea tourism,
  • environmental protection,
  • socio-economic aspects of the region, country and Europe,
  • maritime and inland navigation safety,
  • spatial planning and functioning of Polish seaports in European transport corridors.

K2 Solutions focuses on practical solutions with an innovative approach to each issue and respect for the natural environment. K2 mainly focuses on the maritime economy, inland navigation, transport systems and all related areas. The maritime economy is developing rapidly, and this tendency is expected to continue for the next decades. As a result, seaports, logistic operators and other involved actors must work to increase efficiency and improve the effectiveness of all processes.
It is also connected with the necessity to enhance the entire transport system, including the modernization of land and water infrastructure and the creation of new solutions to maintain the development trend of the country’s and Europe’s economy.

K2 Solutions supports seaports and companies operating in the ports areas to find the best solutions and implement them in an efficient and cost-effective way.